A tale of two Cities

The Knicks and Nets, who just a year ago were touting the New York Metropolitan area once again as the “Mecca of Basketball”, face a stark reality.. .. they are both back to square one. The Nets were cold-cocked by the slithery Jason Kidd, who once again reared his ugly head and high-tailed it for potentially greener pastures in Milwaukee, as their new Coach (oh, would someone call Larry Drew and let him know?), and future President of Basketball operations. Kidd has officially become the Larry Brown of his generation, power-hungry narcissists that leave a trail of broken coaches, bloodied GM’s and stunned Team owners in their wake. And are always kind enough to leave forwarding addresses to send their checks. Brooklyn can now tout a 100 Million Dollar point guard with one playoff victory and two surgically repaired Ankles, a 90 Million shooting guard on the downside of his career and an 80 million Dollar Center who missed half of last season with two screws in his foot. Oh yeah, and they just lost one of their best players, Shaun Livingston to Golden State and will probably lose Paul Pierce, who rues the day he left Boston, to the Clippers. But they still have the carcass of Kevin Garnett to stare down the refs, sneer at fans and cheap shot opponents. So that’s something. Still good enough for 6th in the East next season.

And My beloved Knicks. We’re now entering our 10th 4-year rebuilding plan since 1973.  They did get to two NBA Finals in the 90’s so thankfully we have the MSG Network to replay the 1994 season 7 days a week to remind Knick fans that individual game tickets for next season go on sale soon!. With or without Carmello Anthony, the NBA requires 12 Knicks to suit up on October 31. God (known in the greater Metropolitan area as Phil Jackson) only knows who is going to suit up, show up out of shape, get suspended, get traded, demand to be traded, pull some muscle no one’s ever heard of, get arrested for some random felony, be accused of sexual harassment, have the worst year of their career, break some bone we’ve never heard of, go 2 for 18, miss a finger roll, rip out a tendon we never heard of, get 4 shots blocked at the rim, have some surgery we’ve never heard of, piss off Spike Lee;  you get my drift, Knick Fans. We’ve been to Hell and Back to Hell, and now, 4.5 years after they drilled “The Summer of 2010!” in our heads so we could watch Lebron’s vapors head to South Beach and toy with our team for 4 years, Knick Management is premiering the sequel, “The Summer of 2015!”. Yay!. At least Melo would bank a cool 33 Million bonus if he suspended common sense, rejected sure-fire contenders in Chicago and Houston and returned to the Garden with us to suffer through “The Summer of 2015!”. What the Hell do the rest of us  get?. We have to pay for tickets or League pass or Cablevision to watch Phil clean his glasses and make glib remarks about Native American Meditative Triangle Sage Championship Teepee Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance JibberJabber while Lebron, Durant, Duncan, Parker, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Rose, Melo, Noah, Paul George and Company run rampant in MSG. Jeezus, the Knicks are really the Milwaukee Bucks of Manhattan!. Wait, the Bucks just drafted Jabari Parker!. Charlotte and Cleveland have better rosters!. God,  If that sounds really bad, Knick Fans, in a week it might be even worse.  I think it’s time to get Netflix.

Free Agent Frenzy

Well, the plot thickens….the Heatles opt out, Melo is a travelin’ kind of fello, and the NBA is hard at work printing money to throw at players they hope will make them contenders, or at least relevant in 2014-15. Once the Melo domino falls, all hell will break loose in the NBA’s version of Musical Chairs. Stay Tuned.